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This year will be our 14th year as an official A.H.S. (American Hemerocallis Society) Display Garden.  This will also be our 14th year participating in the Goshen Farmers Market in downtown Edwardsville, IL.  We extend a warm welcome to all and sincerely hope many of you will find the time to come visit us at either our home or the market.

Peak bloom usually occurs the first two weeks of July, but please call ahead before coming to check how our blooms are progressing (it has been running a little earlier the last few years).  Also, a call to make sure we will be in the garden to greet you is advised.

Most of our daylilies are award winning and well-established plants grown in compost enriched soil.  We ship freshly dug, large double fans of each variety unless stated otherwise.  They should do well in most areas of the U.S. if you provide them with a sunny spot in your garden and give them some loving care.  How much sun?  The more the better, but they do tolerate some shade.  How much care?  Plant them as soon as possible after you receive them; water them thoroughly when planting and some later if you have dry weather.  Now watch them grow and enjoy.  By selecting varieties with different bloom times; early, medium, late and some repeating varieties, you can enjoy a colorful garden all season long, year after year.

We hope you will visit us soon!

Debbie Gray and Marie Johnson


AHS Display Garden

Meridian Gardens
8209 Bivens Road
Dorsey, IL  62021
(618) 377-6115

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